Filming and Editing

Steffan is very professional and a very gifted, honest editor. He is very easy to talk to and full of creative ideas...

Evie, Singer/Songwriter

Whether you are looking to make a music video for your new track, need a promotional video for your company or organisation, updating your showreel or a complete film to edit, I have the experience to create a finished product that has pace and energy and holds the attention of your audience.

I have during my career edited work for some of the biggest brands around including Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, IMG, Channel 4 and The BBC to name but a few as well as done showreels for well known TV celebrities such as Bruno Tonioli and Jeremy Edwards. My work has appeared on TV, The Big Screen, Airports and department stores around the globe and even been shown to the London 2012 Olympics Committee. Visit my Media Gallery page to watch the videos.

My 'six steps' below apply whether you are band or artist filming a music video or a small business creating a promotional video for your company. It's all about planning and time management, venues can cost money and going back for re-takes can become expensive.

Six Steps to your Music Video

The Idea

So you've written your killer track and have it mastered. It starts with an informal chat to discuss what ideas you have and what your budget is. This allows me to manager your expectations of what you can achieve.


Even if you're just shooting a performance in a studio somewhere you need still need to plan the basic shots you are going for, this ensures you don't miss any keys shots on the day of the shoot.

Shooting Script

I draw up shooting scripts, we all work from these and they include details such as dates, times, props, people as well as a breakdown of all the shots that are required based on the storyboard.

Filming Day

So here you are on the shoot day, you will need bags of enthusiasm and energy, some patience and love your track as you're going to hear it a lot today. You've got to keep up your enthusiasm from the first 'Action' to the last 'Cut'.


This is where I disappear for a couple of days and bring all your hard work together into a rough cut using the storyboard as a guide. We then look a this and see if we're on the same page in terms of style. You can sit in on this section if you want to pick your favourite shots.


It's all done, I supply you with computer files suitable for Youtube and Vimeo, DVD and high quality ones should you need them. I also have contacts for transferring the music video to tape for broadcast if required.

To discuss your filming or editing requirements, either email or Call (UK Only) 07973 623 655call me today. Click Contact on the side bar and fill in a simple form and I will get back to you.